Friday, January 19, 2007

postheadericon Learning Hindi from Bollywood Movies

A big "thank you" to all of you who responded to my plea for tips on how to learn new languages and how to retain my fluency in the Hindi basha despite hardly ever getting to hear or speak it - your suggestions were varied and most helpful!

Whilst researching the subject ( I told you guys I was serious,lol) I came upon this brilliant site which teaches you Hindi using Bollywood movies as a tool.

I tuned into their 16th podcast and now I can have a very educated discussion on malaria! Yeay for me! :)

Thank you Cutting Chai! ;)


ML said...

What a great idea! Because you enjoy the Bollywood movies so much, this would be such a fun way to keep up on your skills!

Lotus Reads said...

lol, ml yes, it's just perfect for me...the podcasts are hilarious, I actually got a stitch in my side from laughing so hard.

beenzzz said...

What a wonderful idea. I am going to check this out and hopefully learn some Hindi. I have software and three books on it, but I can only understand a tiny little bit. I'm starting to get worried. I would also love to be able to watch Bollywood movies without having to read teh subtitles!!!

Allison said...

I just stumbled upon your blog, and the whole topic is exactly what I love... cultures, people, languages, etc.

My resolution is also to remember a language that I've almost forgotten! I think your Hindi movie idea is definitely a good one. Also reading children's or youth books helps.

Lotus Reads said...

Beenzzz, wish we lived closer! We could have spoken lots of Hindi over steaming cups of masala chai and simla mirch fritters!

Lotus Reads said...

Hi, Allison and welcome!

You must have snuck in while I was replying to beenzzz! :)

Reading children's books is a great idea! Infact, I am sure I have a few here - I must rummage through my stuff.

Do visit again.

Ashley said...

Although I had a Hindi tutor for a year, I learned Hindi mostly by watching Bollywood films and trolling the chatrooms. Unfortunately, I learned a lot of Hindi/Urdu profanity in the chats, but I did learn.

It was very useful in rural Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and even Gujarat as it was my only non-Gujarati language option!

Lotus Reads said...

Hi Ashley and welcome! I'm always intrigued by how easy it is to learn swear words in another language, but remembering all the other vocab. is a herculian task! :)

It sounds as though you moved around a lot in your school years - was that fun? I'm guessing not, huh?