Tuesday, February 20, 2007

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Kung Hey Fat Choy, albeit belated! Hope everyone had a very Happy Chinese New Year!

Many of you might know that this is the year of the Golden (Fire) Pig (which comes once every 60 years) and because babies born in this year are considered supremely lucky, maternity hospitals in China are bracing themselves for a baby boom which makes me wonder what that will do the 1980 One-Child Policy?

It's funny how years ago babies born in the year of the Dragon were considered the ideal babies (dragon babies are considered to be intelligent - they will work hard and do well career-wise ), but now that Chinese society is becoming increasingly capitalisitic, the focus has shifted from academia to prosperity and wealth, and the pig which stands for both those qualities has come to be the most sought-after Chinese Zodiac sign.

Speaking of the Chinese Zodiac, do you know which animal rules your year? I've been doing a little sleuthing and found I was born in the year of Fire Horse. Apparently, Chinese girls born in the year of the Fire Horse traditionally have a very hard time finding husbands because they are not considered docile enough...lol

CHARACTERISTICS (general) about Horse People:

Self-reliant, Joyful, Outgoing, Sophisticated, Greedy, Resilient, Arrogant

The Fire Horse is animated and sociable. He has a wild side that leads him to a life on the edge. Fire Horses are generally either incredibly lucky or ridiculously unlucky. They love the excitement of action and the change it brings. The Fire element makes them passionate about their feelings and they always take a stand in a situation. Fire Horses are never on the fence about anything and have definitive opinions about the world. Their tempers can be overbearing.

Go here to check your Chinese Zodiac Sign


Alicia said...

A good year indeed!

Sanjay said...

A happy new year to you as well!
I did hear the report about the baby boom on NPR. But frankly China faces a bigger issue due to the strict enforcement of the one child per family policy and fewer girls.
They will have a rapidly aging population in some years and not enough young people coming in to the workforce. I can't find the link for this now, heard it on the radio.

ML said...

That was very interesting. Thanks for posting :)

I'm a Fire Goat:

Not nearly as sensitive as other Goats, Fire Goats don’t need the approval of others. Fire Goats always put themselves ahead of others. They’re social creatures who typically will have a close-knit circle of family and friends.


beenzzz said...

I'm a pig, but not a fire pig. :)

Occupying the last position in the Chinese Zodiac, the 12th, the Pig symbolizes such character traits as diligence, compassion, and generosity. Pigs enjoy life and because they are entertaining, others enjoy their company. Pigs are giving souls and reap much enjoyment when they’re helping others, but sometimes they give too much. Honesty is what Pigs give and it’s what they expect to receive in return.

Allison said...

I was a bit skeptical at first, but once I read the descriptions for both my husband and me... it's amazing how well they fit! Very interesting.

hellomelissa said...

i am an ox (and a cancer as well, you know) and fit too perfectly into each category.

Tohou Lidia said...

Wow! Very interesting! Hey i'm a dragon :) I'd like to think i'm an "ideal" baby...but taking into consideration other dragons i know - who don't work hard and aren't intelligent...well i don't know if that is incredibly accurate :) But yet what you said about the pig is very very interesting :)

Cya later fire horse ;)

Sai said...

Very interesting post. I am a dog and my husband is a dragon. According to the website we are not supposed to be compatible. I beg to differ after being together for 13 years!

gautami tripathy said...

I am a dragon.

I loved the pig!

MotoRama said...

It is strange! I have been called as pig for a long time while growing up..and also when acting nto grown up but it turns out i am a Rabbit. Now all i have to do is rectify them the next time ;)

The other day i was at Panda Express and saw "Kung Hey Fat Choy" and was commenting..tomorrow it will be "Kung Hey Lean Lee". Thanks for letting me know it is chinese new year and introducing me to various animals!

TS said...

Hey,thanks for the link...I'm an Earth Horse.
Very cute pig there!

clash said...


tkkerouac said...

Love that photo and your thumbnail.

Lotus Reads said...

@Alicia - hope it is for all of us, not just the Chinese! ;)

@Sanjay- You're so right about China's aging population and about the guys outnumbering the girls - perhaps the women are going to have to take more than one husband, that should be fun! :)

@ML - Do you think the Fire Goat describes you somewhat? I thought the Firehorse described me quite well, except for the part about the temper - I don't really have one. I lost it ages ago, lol. Sorry, poor joke!

@Beenzzz - everyone wants to be a pig! :)

@Allison - glad this was fun for you!

@Melissa- The Ox and the Crab, interesting!

@touhou lidia - Hubby's a dragon too. He's got such a fiery personality, do you? :)

@Sai- I'm glad you proved them wrong Sai! :)

@Gautami - You loved a pig? Was it not a good match?

@Motorama - you sound disapppointed you're not a pig, lol! I don't think you have too much Rabbit in you, what do you think?

@Trutpi - We're both horses, we'll get along just fine I think! :)

@Clash - welcome!

@tkkerouac - thank you and welcome!