Wednesday, April 11, 2007

postheadericon I've goneTunic-Mad and "Thinking Blogger Awards"

Yes! Finally we can leave the cold weather behind us and step into spring! The best part about spring as we discussed in my previous post is swapping those heavy winter jackets for beautiful light clothes. Every year around spring time I indulge in a new trench coat and a few new tops and pants. This year, the tunic is all the rage! The tunic reminds me so much of the "kurti" we wear in India so ofcourse, I am over the moon at being able to wear all the kurtis I picked up when I was in India last year. But, ofcourse, because kurthis are not readily available in North America I thought, that if you shared my passion for tunics, you might want to see what's available in our neck of the below are some of my favorites this season, enjoy!

This black and white ensemble is from Tory Burch's collection. Ever ever since Oprah wore one of hers on the cover of the Oprah magazine, Tory's name has become synonymous with tunics (her recent dalliance with Tour de France winner Lance Armstrong, has also helped push her into the limelight). I love the black and white piece because it has gorgeous embroidery and that mandarin collar is so beautiful as well.
Another one from Tory Burch...I just love the colours here...and the border is vintage's this particular style that first made her tunics famous. If I am not mistaken, this is the one Oprah wore on the cover of her magazine. For spring she has new colors in this same style.
I love this one from because it looks so much like something out of India, also, I haven't seen too many sleeveless tunics with embroidery so this one was quite unique.
Doesn't this look like something that could have been taken out of a Middle Eastern dress catalogue? Love the colors and embroidery, again from
This is from BCBG Max Azria...I could easily wear this...I love the floral print and the contrasting geometric designs on the cuffs..also it's stretch favorite..the belt is a nice touch, too!
Last, but not least, one from Bebe...I have something similar but because it's not from Bebe it cost me half the price!

So you thought these tunics were nice? So did I, but when I visited Maryam's blog this morning, I was blown away by some of the tunics she was showcasing, take a look here.

Thinking Blogger Awards:

While I was on hiatus I had a few wonderful bloggers nominate Lotus Reads, my book blog, for the "Thinking Blogger Award" was such an honor and I feel so bad this post is so delayed for I, in turn, had to nominate 5 other bloggers for the same award.

I decided to nominate 5 people or blogs that rarely post here (some never have), but I nominate them because they have blogs I like to visit and you might like to visit them too.

Paris Parfait: Stays very true to the promise her blog makes to muse about a "parfait sundae" of art, antiques, culture,poetry and politics. If you love Europe in general and Paris in particular, head on to her blog and enjoy her pictures with the accompanying write up.

Daylight Again : Rauf is a wiz with the camera and takes stunning pictures as he travels all over India...his recent pictures of Benares and Hyderabad are "must see's" (beenzzz, you'll enjoy these) . Rauf is also a very entertaining and witty guide.

The Buddha Smiled : You can alway count on 'the buddha smiled' to give you the most candid, thorough reviews, be it books,films, cultural events or anything else. He's the source I turn to if I truly want to know what a film was like...I trust his judgment but wish so much he would update his blog more often.

Hindu Mommy: I love HM's blog because it's a great resource for Indian parents bringing up children in North America, not just that, HM has some great posts on Indian culture, festivals and the Indian community in North America. I hope she continues to blog for a long,long time!

Youth Curry: This is the blog I use to stay in touch with India. Rashmi Bhansal, does a great job of keeping her readers up-to-date with the goings-on in that big country, especially if they are youth related. Insightful and topical, you won't want to miss this blog if you are interested in what's going in contemporary India.

So, there you have it the five blogs I have nominated for the "Thinking Blogger" award. Thanks to Bellezza, Tanabata, Laura of Maude and Mozart,
Deepika Shetty, and Gaijin Mama for honoring me with this award. Thank you, thank you!


Parth said...

Hey, congrats. There are thinking bloggers and also those who make other bloggers think. You should be nominated in both :-)

Lotus Reads said...

Awww, Parth, that is such a nice thing to say, thanks! :) And you know, it takes one to recognize one! ;)

MotoRama said...

Awwwwwwww ;)that's such a wonderful collection . And am going thru the blogs of ur nominees :)

trupti said...

hey congrats lady! I am going to go through your nominations too....if you nominated them, it has to be good.

Tunics! how I love them..and yes, I am looking forward to wearing mil just sent me a whole boxful from India...they have a new style now...with a nice matching scarf...I love those..and the other kind she sent me are cotton and short sleeved..

take care,

Lotus Reads said...

Hi, Rama!

Great to see you here! Glad you like the tunics...when you gift one to that special woman in your life she'll be so impressed and you can take all the credit! ;) Thank you for viewing the blogs, I hope they rock you!

hi, Trupti!

The kurtis you describe sound wonderful, I'm jealous! Where in India does your ma-in-law live?

ML said...

Congratulations, Lotus. A nomination well deserved, I say! I'll also visit the bloggers you listed as well.

I loved those tunics. They're beautiful and very fashionable!

paris parfait said...

Congrats to you! Well done! And thank you for honouring my blog. I appreciate kind words and kudos. And I'll be back soon to catch up with your posts - too many guests at the moment; not enough time! Sigh. Terrific tunics - I like them all! Thanks again.

Sanjay said...

Lotus, my heartiest congratulations to you on your nomination for the "thinking blog" award!!! It is indeed well deserved. I loved the collection of kurtis too!

I will check out some of the blogs you have nominated, I am pretty sure they are might fine blogs if you think well of them.

hellomelissa said...

your thinking blog makes my "diarrhea of the keyboard" blog look like tripe! congrats!

i love tunics but they really make me look pregnant, as do babydoll tops which are all the rage this season. i envy those who look so svelte in them!

Lotus Reads said...

Hi, ml!

Thank you! So will I see you in a tunic this spring? :)

Hi, Paris Parfait!

You are so welcome! Thanks for doing such an awesome job on your's always a pleasure to visit you.

Hi, Sanjay!

Yes, please do check out some of the blogs when you have time and tell me what you think!

Hi, Melissa!

Nah, I love your blog! And yeah, the tunic can hide all one's sins, any wonder I love it so much! ;)

Lisa Francisco said...

Yep, I love the tunics especially the top white one. I saw it black. It's $275!!!! Not in my budget.

Anyhow, how is the cd going? Did you check out the websites? alright gotta go! I'm really not working today!


Lisa Francisco said...

oh yeah! congrats on being nomintated! I never knew there was such a thing as blog awards. what do you get with that?

sage said...

do you know what guys think of tunics? (ignore me, I'm just a cynic)

Thanks for stopping by my photoblog, but my main blog is Musings. I don't often post in the photo blog and have started putting photos up in Musings.

Beenzzz said...

I picked up a bunch of tunics when I was in India. Tunics are so beautiful and comfortable! Comfort is important to me....and looking good in the tunics doesn't hurt either! :)
Congrats on the nomination, LOTUS!!!!! I will check out the other nominees.

Beenzzz said...

Hi again, Lotus,
You couldn't have been more right about me liking "Daylight Again." Those photos are magnificent!!! I'm adding it to my blogroll.
Thanks. :)

Chimera said...

since i'm currently on a three week official trip at Minneapolis I do see how spring is heralded here by lovely colors, since there is no line of demarkation between seasons in India, we do not see all this.I love fashion and I am totally enjoying the experience here (not to mention the truckloads of shopping that I'm doing.)

You have a very interesting blog ,Lotus and the links you have put have opened up a beautiful new world for me, Congrats on ur nomination.

Sir, I not only enjoyed reading your blog but ur comments are also very enriching.

Rauf said...

Lotus Reads, Hi
Hope you enjoyed the weekend
you can't wait to wear lighter clothes can you ?

Happy New year to you.
Tamil New years day and Vishu here,
had my lunch at 2 places yesterday
two places ?
three helpings of Jaggery payasam
Rice and coconut cake ? {Its not sweet} Mom used to make it but it stopped with her. Had it yesterday
after a long long time, tears in my eyes.
Did you make anything special Lotus Reads ?

Thinking blog is an honour, I am flattered. Thank you. But i never entered any kind of contest in my life. My English is poor, i have no command over the language, bad grammer and spellings were checked and corrected by my cat who has disappeared.

My posts are like i talk to my friends. sometimes no one comes and i talk to the wall. i have made many people angry. Some of my friends take the trouble of coming here just to tell me that they don't read my blog.

All are thinking blogs Lotus Reads.
I am glad that a platform is available to express views, exhibit talent. In my opinion blogs offer best of literature and art now, better than what is available for sale. I see amazing talent, thought provoking poets very imaginative writers. I feel lot richer from past year and a half.

Most important.
i have not made any survey and i don't have any figures. This is what i have noticed.
for every 10 blogs. 6 are ladies and 3 are men. and one does not say anything and i assume it to be a lady. so that makes 7 ladies to 3 men for every ten blogs. This gives me a hope that the world is going in the right direction and we have woken up. i have written about it in my last of the environment series SPEED 13 - ENVIRONMENT - THE FINAL SAY . i think this came before 'Thank you FArmers' in january.

Hope you are doing fine Lotus Reads
Enjoy the spring and lighter clothes

Rauf said...

Chimera, thank you, you have a very sweet blog,
and please don't call me sir.

Lisa Francisco said...

Thanks for stopping by! I really appreciate your thoughts. Make sure the little gumdrop keeps practicing!


Lisa Francisco said...

Thanks for stopping by! I really appreciate your thoughts. Make sure the little gumdrop keeps practicing!


Olivia said...

OMIGOSH, I am so glad I found your other blog. I had no idea you had two!

I love tunics, also tops with empire waists.
My fave out of that selection is the BCBG Max Azria - the reds, cuffs, hems, belt. It's v. nice, and it's been a while since I owned a BCBG.

Lotus Reads said...

Hi, Lisa

You don't get anything with a thinker blog award, it's just a fun recognition...

Hi, Sage,

No, I'd rather not know what guys think of tunics...maybe you can tell me 'after' the summer season comes to an end! ;)

Hi, Rauf,

I always enjoy reading your comments! Yum@ ajggery Payasam and coconut cake...would you happen to have a recipe?

I love your stats on gender blogging...yes, I would say there are more women bloggers than men and, strangely enough, if you go by Zodiac signs, there are a lot of Cancerian bloggers...go figure! :)

Lotus Reads said...


I can't wait to see pictures of your tunics... shopping for garments in India is crazy, isn't it? The bright colours, the cool embroidery, just the sheer ethnicity of the garment, makes me want to pick up everything in sight!

Lotus Reads said...

@Chimera ~

Was so happy you could stop by...enjoy your time in Minniapolis!

@Lisa ~ Thanks, yes, she has three competitive recitals coming up so she is practising like a person possessed! lol

@Olivia ~

Lovely to see you here..yes, this is my "other" blog, but I don't update this one regularly. I know, I know, I should, sometimes I am so stuck for time.

Silverstar said...

New here.The third one is really nice..looks super comfy.:)

Lisa Francisco said...

A new post please!!!!!!!

Radha said...

congratulations lotus! you sure deserve the award (dont want to make you blush, but i just love both your blogs)
and i like the last tunic...looks very summery :)

diyadear said...

hey lotus, congrats on ur award!!!
n the kurtis look sooo simple yet soo elegant.. i am a kurti fan too :)

Sai said...

Hey Lotus:
Congrats on the awards! I am a Kurti fan too. I just got one from Macy's and surprise surprise it was made in India.

phaseoutgirl said...

Hi Lotus,

Found you on David McMahon's website. I love your blog... I am an adopted Indian and love anything about India, and from India...

These kurtis are beautiful! Yes, I am so glad our weather has finally changed and I can wear my kurtis to work!

hope to read more from you soon!


Lotus Reads said...

Welcome, Silverstar...hope you will visit often!

Soon, Lisa, soon, thanks! :)

Thanks, Radha, blushing is good, it adds colour to my cheeks! :)

Hi, Diya! Yeay, it's kurti season again, I just took out all my kurtis from storage and can't wait to wear them!

Lotus Reads said...

Hi, Sai!

Oh, lucky you to have "Macy's" close by...when hubby used to go to New York on work we'd live with family in Queens and travel to Manhattan in the morning and while he worked I would spend all day at Macy's (not buying, just looking!) :)

Hi, Cecilia!

Welcome!!!!!! Wonderful to see you here! Is it easy to buy authentic Indian kurtis in Australia? I am going to visit you after the weekend...the reason for the delay is a trip I am going on...won't be back until Tuesday. Thanks so much for visiting!

pandora said...

i love those kurtis/tunics!

meetan said...

Hey! I just happened to see your blog while looking for kurtis online :) You have some great pictures out there!

I have some very pretty Indian tunics that my mom designs back in India. I'd love to share the pics with you, but don't know where to email them to you!

Anyway, loved the post. Do keep writing :)