Wednesday, July 04, 2007

postheadericon Faces of India...part 2

Thank you so much, all of you, for your wonderful responses to the first set of's the next lot. Hope you enjoy them as much as my dad enjoyed taking them.
Ok, so this little boy doesn't look too happy to have his picture taken! BTW, the sale of old newspapers is a thriving business in India.

A clothing store on Bangalore's famous Commercial Street. Wait, those mannequins don't look Indian!

A Sari-Clad Janitor

A roadside temple on an overcast see a temple on almost every road in Bangalore
Temple roof detail
Ohhh, look at all those fresh vegetables!
A roadside butcher at Cox Town market. I have to wonder, is there an extra charge for the flies packed along with your leg of lamb?
Never been good at identifying fish, so if you want to give it a go, please do!
I am told the vigorous head massage is the best part!
A prize if you spot the cracked pot...


Sanjay said...

Oh Lotus.. I thought the last set were excellent, and these are equal if not better. Please tell dad how good these are. Each picture truly tells its own story. Are these your captions? If so I must say they are just perfect! You two make quite the team!

The raddiwallah.. how ubiquitous these are. Guess it is recycling "desi" style eh?

Always wondered why the mannequins were unlike most of the folks around them, but then againthe obsession with lighter skin and all might explain things?

I loved the temple pictures, very elaborate for a roadside temple. But you can tell that I have not been to the South much, probably all temples are like this? Perhaps more so?

The veggie shop makes me miss being able to shope like this at times. The produce looks so great, perfect colors too. Shopping for groceries here at times feels a bit sterile no?

lol@ roadside butcher. I would say that the flies add to the protein content of the meat. :) I loved the expression on the woman's face. She must be shopping for meat but appreantly wants nothing to do with that carcass. :-)

I am bad at fish identification too. Babrer shop pic is great, as are all the captions. Nice colors on the pots on that last picture.

I enjoyed these immensely. Thank you for posting and to Dad for taking them. :)

Lotus Reads said...

Hi, Sanjay!

I do thank you for the wonderful comment...I'm so glad you enjoyed the pictures, it made my day and I am sure dad's as well!

Yes, isn't it amazing how one recycles just about everything in India? I guess with the burgeoning economy all that is about to change?

About the make an excellent point, also, do you think these mannequins are imported?

Oh, Sanjay you must visit the south...the deeper south you go, the more elaborate the temples become (at least in IMO), another point worth noting...the deeper south you go the larger the masala dosas! :)

LOL, true, the woman's expression (the one at the butcher's) says it all! She is probably making sure he doesn't put too many bones in her packet of meat! ;)

So glad you enjoyed the pics, thank you for letting me know!

Sanjay said...

Lotus :-) thank you for your response.

I hope they continue to recycle, I do think land especially for landfills is always at a premiuim.Also this is more of cottage industry if one wants to call it that. And I mean not just recycling paper, but also plastics. I recall people who go thru trash to eke out a living recycling some of this, I suspect in the absence of an "offficial" recycling program this will continue.

I truly don't know if the mannequins are imported. Perhaps they are, cos they look err foreign? You have made me quite curious now. I have to go look. :)

You are spot on about the South, for that is what I have read too. And bigger masala dosas are just the incentive I need to go visit. :)

Great point about making sure there are not too many bones in the meat. I completely forgot that one, my folks used to look out for that as well when we bought meat!

Olivia said...

Ironic, because in London's Little India, the mannequins in the sari shops DO look Indian, down to the little bindis! :P

AVIANA said...

Again, thanks for the pics...nice that you notice the mannequins.... :)

Beenzzz said...

These photos are wonderful. LOL on the flies bit. :) I saw a few of those caucasian mannequins when I was in Varanasi. I was a little bewildered!

ChriSmilla said...

Fantastic pics, so full of life! I hope I will visit India one day and see it with my own eyes... it must be amazing!

I have a friend who's in love with India, says she cannot breathe if she doesn't spend at least 1-2 months every year there. And she returns with beautiful photos like these ones, that make you marvel at how diverse and wonderful our world is.

I've only just discovered this other blog of yours - I knew about the Lotus Reads one, but not this :) I really like your stuff.

Lotus Reads said...

@Sanjay ~ Oh yes, I remember the rag pickers too. What a sorry lot they were but what a service they performed. I guess I didn't appreciate them so much when I lived there, but now I do.

Yes, the question of ethnic looking mannequins continues to fascinate me too...I have been in shops in INdia where they will put a black wig over an obviously white mannequin, but atleast they're trying! :)

Lotus Reads said...

@Olivia ~ Really? Maybe these shops in Bangalore ought to import them from the UK! :)

@Aviana ~ Thank you! I cannot wait to see some of your own when you visit India. Sorry I haven't visited you in a long time, will be by soon, I promise!

@beenzzz ~ lol, don't blame you, the saris do look a tad incongruous on those mannequins, don't they?

@Chrismilla ~ Thank you! You made my day! I, too, hope you can visit India soon. I love your blog too...I must bookmark it so I can visit more often!

ML said...

The fresh veggies look great! Weird about the non-Indian looking mannequins.

I enjoyed those pictures, Lotus.

Anitya said...

wow, more faces. I love photography.

thanks for the comments about the book.

Anali said...

Great pictures! I was wondering about the mannequins too and why they weren't at least some shade of brown. Very interesting...

hellomelissa said...

your father has an incredible eye!

iamyuva said...

great.. nice pictures.. i really hope you keep the series to capture as much as diverse face of India from common street to mail to cinemas, from poor to billionaires, from arts & cultured to rough dirty societies..

and if i may.. you can consider flickr group..

Vidya said...

This is a really nice post! I am planning a trip to India in the recent future and seeing this post made me long more!

I just LOVED the barber shop picture. I remember my dad would take my brothers every other week end to this "standard" salon and get a hair cut taken care of, for a measly 15 INR ! (for 3 people) Due to increased cost of living, the barber raised the prices later on, but only after apologizing to my Dad! ( Don't know why he had to apologize though ! ) :)


J at said...

What beautiful pictures...they really capture a mood, a 'slice of life' sense to the place. Please tell your father how much we're all enjoying them. :)

pencil thief said...


MotoRama said...

You have been charged with public voyeuristic activity and sued for privacy violation of Nanjunda, Deve Gowda, Muniyamma and countless Kulkarnis! But as all Bengaloorians say "Adjust Maadi", i forgive you!Lovely pics..makes me miss the bhelpuri in Marina Beach-Madras!

jamesreegan said...

Again, thanks for the pics...nice that you notice the mannequins.... :)