Sunday, October 22, 2006

postheadericon 3 Thingy's :An All About Me Meme

Thank you, Melissa, for tagging me!!!

3 Thingy’s: a Friday Meme
(hope no one minds my doing it on a Sunday!)

3 things that scare me:

Global Warming
Driving through a snowstorm (and goodness knows we get our fair share in Canada)

3 people who make me laugh:

My kids
Russel Peters
George W.

3 things I love:

A girl's night out (don't get too many of those anymore unfortunately)
One on one time with my daughters
A good book!
The fragrance of sandalwood (oops, that's 4!)

3 things I hate:

A lack of curiosity

3 things I don't understand:

Sci Fi
Taxes (told you, Melissa ;)

3 things on my desk:

A ton of journals
photographs (not framed)
coffee cup

3 things I'm doing right now:

Looking at my desk wondering which kid I can pay to tidy it up!
Thinking about getting another cup of coffee
Getting ready to talk to my mom in India

3 things I want to do before I die:

Go back to India on a sabbatical
A stint as a reporter, a journalist or both
Work for a while with Global Volunteers

3 things I can do:

Strike up a conversation with just about anyone
Play the piano
Read Arabic

3 ways to describe my personality:

I'm curious about everyone and everything
Highly empathetic

3 things I can't do:

Exercise at the gym (it bores me stiff)
Public Speaking
Change a car tire

3 things I think you should listen to:

Russel Peters
ME! :)

3 things I think you should never listen to:

Your naysayers
Negative people

3 favorite foods:

Coconut curry
Green gram payasam
Mangoes (yeay, Beenzzz)

3 things I'd like to learn:

To paint with oils
Web designing
Conversational French

3 beverages I drink regularly:


3 shows I watched as a kid:

Mind your Language (A British Comedy Serial)
The Jeffersons
Three's Company

Not sure who to tag, not too many people read this blog.

Shelliza, have you been tagged yet?
Anocturne, would you like to do this?
Sruthi, how about you?


beenzzz said...

Loved your meme! I can also eat mangoes every day. I love them in just about anything, ripe or green. Nothing is better than a nice mango pickle with a wonderful curry. :)

Shelliza said...

Thanks for tagging me. Check my blog for answers. :)

Lotus Reads said...

Beenzzz: Mmmmmmm, yes, mango pickle and how about a green mango and shrimp curry? *drool*

Shelliza: Will be right over, thanks! :)

sruthi said...

heyyy i wanna write for a mag sometime too! and <3 mangoes and coconut curry mmmm. I filled mine out!

beenzzz said...

Love the avatar too!! Very cool!

Lotus Reads said...

Hey sruthi!

You really should write for a publication, you're darn good!

Awww, beenzzz, thanks, but all credit should go to you and J. It is your wonderful avatars which prompted me to do one for myself!

vibhor said...

first tiem to ur blog...
very colorful...

Shelliza said...

Great avatar! I saved your meme for this Friday. Didn't forget about it. It'll give me something to post about then:)

Lotus Reads said...

Thanks, Vibhor, will visit you soon!

Hi, Shelliza!

I will be there Friday - can't wait! :)

gs said...

it was very interesting reading your likes and dislikes.thanks for putting down the three thingys which gives us a fairly good insight about you.

Lotus Reads said...

gs, I'm so glad you visited! Yes, these memes can be quite revealing, can't they? :)

Beloved dreamer said...

Lotus, these are some things I did not know about you and now I do!
Oh how I wish I could be apart of it all. Just know in my heart I am Your sister.


Lotus Reads said...

True, sister, these memes force you to reveal things about yourself you might not have ordinarily thought about revealing!

Amelia said...

I loved reading your meme! Very interesting!

BTW - I'm so glad that I came across this blog. I love Anthro! Actually, I have a B.A. in Anthro and I eventually want to get my Master's in Anthro - such an awesome and multi-faceted subject! I really can't praise it enough. The only problem is the difficulty in establishing a career in your area of choice.

I definitely have to make the time to peruse through your posts.

Lotus Reads said...

Amelia, I'm so glad you found this blog, too! I envy you your bachelors in Anthro and a soon to be Masters, wow! Have you done a lot of field work? What area of anthro are you hoping to specialize in?

Lotus Reads said...

Amelia, also, now I understand why we have such similar tastes in books! :))