Friday, November 24, 2006

postheadericon Favorite Foods Meme

(From the movie, "Marie Antoinette")

Thank you for tagging me, ML!

Favorite food to crunch: I'm not really a snacker, but if I see banana chips (Kerala style) lying around I cannot resist them, oh, I love the Tapioca chips as well!

Favorite comfort food: Anything my mom cooked, like her meatball curry and yellow rice, her baked chicken with almonds, her lentil soup...any food I ate a lot in my childhood does it for me.

Food that makes the best noise: Popcorn when it's crackling!

Favorite picnic lunch: I'd carry egg salad sandwiches, some apples, grapes, cheese and a bottle of white fruity wine.

Favorite food scene in movie: Oooooh, the new Marie Antoinette movie has food in almost every scene, the desserts look like they're to die for...I would have loved to have been an "extra" in the movie just to have been around all that food!

Favorite food lyrics: Ohhhh, I know the song,except it won't come to me at the moment...I'll have to return to this

Least favorite food lyrics: "Little Miss Muffet, sat on a tuffet, eating her curds and whey, there came a big spider..."

Best food smell memory: When my mom baked her egg bread!

Favorite summer snack: Shrikand or mango yoghurt, YUM! Like Beenzzz, I love Mangoes!

Food that reminds me of the ocean: any kind of shell fish, clever huh? :)

Favorite winter snack: Hot chocolate, Apple cider, a cappucino with a biscotti...

Most likely to eat for lunch: I usually grab a sandwich, I'm boring that way.

Least likely to eat for lunch: a stinky cheese and garlic spread sandwich! ;)

Makes me gag: licorice, caviar, seaweed, edible kelp...

Food tradition I don't like: This isn't exactly a tradition, but I hate 3 or more course meals! I like my food to arrive all at once. Obviously I won't do well in a country like France!

Saturday night food: We usually eat out Saturday nights - we make a sport of finding a new restaurant to eat in every week, it's fun!

Favorite wild foods: I don't like game, but if you held a gun to my head, I'd eat duck, but that's it!

Favorite food for sex play: Ummm, seeing as this is a public blog, I'd best move on to the next question!

Favorite medicinal food: Mmmmmmmm, I love honey, I'll put honey in anything.

Food that reflects my heritage: The 3 C's: Curry, Coconut and Chutney

Food most like me: Probably pumpkin pie because it's brown, sweet and flavored with spices that come from the East!

Favorite raw food smell: The smell Alphonso mangoes....I always feel if I sniff them hard emough I might attain Nirvana.


Sugarlips said...
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Sugarlips said...

I love chutney's & your post is making me drool all over my key board :)

Thanks for stopping by I'm also enjoying ur blog & noticed the mutual book interest..I'm a book worm myself & love reading :)I love ur display pic searingly it you? I'm head over heals in love with matha patti you are wearing :)

Stay Beautiful...!!

Amy said...

Haha - i was laughing at that picture!! Maybe Kirsten Dunst should have considered putting on weight for that role - having that much food around you all the time would surely have made Marie just a few pounds overweight! I love mangoes- the perfect summer food :)

hellomelissa said...

thanks for the glimpse into your food likes & dislikes. also tops on my list are coconut and curry. but you don't like SEAWEED??? it's a big fave of mine.

loved this meme, lotus.

beenzzz said...

Mangoes are truly the food of the gods. I love the smell and taste. I love them ripe and not ripe. Ok, I shall stop now. I have an unhealthy obsession with mangoes! ;)
I loved your food meme. You and I are a lot alike when it comes to food. Kelp is gross. The only way I'll eat seaweed is on sushi and it must be flavorless.

Apun Ka Desh said...

Good Food... == Good Health ~ Interesting Writing :)

Lotus Reads said...

Hi sugarlips

THank you for your nice words! No, although there is a faint resemblance perhaps, the lady in the display picture is not me. She is an Odissi dancer but for the life of me I cannot find her name or the name of the photographer so I don't know who to credit! Goodness, yes, she does have the nicest jewellery ( I hadn't even realized it was called 'matha patti', thank you!) :))) Loving your blog, I'm going to stop by later!

Hi Amy Have you seen "Marie Antoinette" yet? I saw it with sasgirl last weekend and although I thought it was all fluff, we ended up enjoying it. You are absolutely right, it seems so unfair that Marie Antoinette should remain her slim,svelte self despite gorging on all those decadent desserts! :)

Hi Melissa and thanks! Where seaweed is concerned I didn't always dislike it this much. I used to love it in my miso soup and I loved seaweed crackers - I think I went off it after I visited an outdoor Korean market and saw it being sold fresh, something about the way that market smelled put me off seaweed completely! :) how do you use seaweed, maybe I can be persuaded to try it again?

Hi Beenzzz Do you know what's funny? I don't like mango pudding or mango icecream! I am crazy about the fruit, but if I can't eat it plain, I will eat it only in curd/shrikand or as aam ras. Raw mango I love in shrimp or fish curry! :)

Hi, apun ka Desh Thanks so much for stopping by. Your blog looks interesting indeed. I will be visiting later.

Beloved Dreamer said...

Wonderful my friend. Even though I feel, you know. You made me smile. As this will be my last post for awhile, think of me.


Lotus Reads said...

Beloved I so appreciate you coming here even though you've been sick. I hope your stay in that awful place is not too long this time. I will definitely think of you.

ML said...

Yeah, you did the meme! I'm so glad. I loved all your answers especially the three C's. Mangoes are really wonderful, aren't they? Great meme answers!

Sai said...

Love the meme! BTW how could you not like caviar????

I love the smell of Alphonso mangoes as well and the smell of earth after the first monsoon shower!

Lotus Reads said...

ml I enjoyed the meme, thanks so much for tagging me!

Sai I know, I know people are aghast when I turn up my nose at caviar, but I just haven't been able to acquire a taste for it. When I was with the airlines, my colleagues would wolf down the caviar from the First Class cabin...I couldn't bring myself to watch them! ;)

pandora said...

reading about all that food has reallyyy made me hungry!!!

Prithi Shetty said...

Yummmm. Now I am waiting to see the 'Marie Antoinette' movie !

Btw, updated the Crab Curry recipe.